Balance-holders are responsible for the icicles

The formation of icicles on the roofs of houses is observed in Ternopil. This happens because the air temperature changes every day, the rain freezes and the wet snow falls. So the icicles fall down.

We remind that special car lifts operate in Ternopil. Workers of communal structures clean the roofs of houses from snow sticks with the help of these machines.  Also, communal structures use such a method as fencing of potentially dangerous areas.

At the same time, communal services destroy icicles on the buildings they serve. Other service companies and condominiums should independently detect and remove icicles from the roofs of the buildings they serve or houses owned by them.

We appeal the local people to be careful in the next few days and walk 3-5 meters from houses and tall trees, and owners of motor transport do not park their cars near the houses.

We ask inhabitants of Ternopil to inform the municipal police about the untimely destroying of the icicles by sending a photo message to Viber (0730151481) or by calling 40-41-67, 40-41-68.