This year, six new pump-rooms with drinking water are planned to be erected in Ternopil

The decision of the executive committee approved the title list for the construction of pump-rooms in Ternopil.

“The first pump room was opened in Ternopil on the street of Yunosti in 2015. It was in demand not only among residents of the Druzhba district, but also other districts of the city during two years. Consequently, this year it is planned to build six new pump-rooms in different district of the city for the convenience of the people,” head of Ternopil Sergei Nadal said.

By the way, pump-rooms with free drinking water will appear on the Boulevard D.Galytsky, on the Boulevard S.Petliura, in the park on the street. B. Lepky, on the Boulevard P. Kulis, on the street of Valoviy and on the street of Luchakivsky.