List of overhaul of the objects in Ternopil is approved

The title lists of overhaul and reconstruction of the objects in the city of Ternopil in 2018 were approved at the regular meeting of the executive committee of the city council.

According to the Mayor of Ternopil, Sergey Nadal, about 15 million UAH will be provided for overhaul of the objects in 2018.

V.Chernovola Street (the area from I. Franko Street to B. Khmelnitsky Street), the wall on the street Mir (the area from the building number 13 to the building number 12 opposite the Church of St. Nicholas) will be repaired using these money. Road works at the crossroad of Medova str., st. Tancorova st. Patriarch Mstislav will be perform. Pedestrian zone on the street. Academician O. Briukner will be installed. Also, the plan includes a replacement of the pavement on the street. Tantsorova (the area from Medovaya Street to the territory of the Communal Enterprise "TernopilVodokanal") and the replacement of the asphalt-concrete coating on the street. O. Kulchitskaya.